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Mary Jane

April 16, 2010
By Literalist17 SILVER, Monte Vista, Colorado
Literalist17 SILVER, Monte Vista, Colorado
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You “live a little” by slowly killing your self
This makes my life a torrid painful hell
It’s really all to much for me to take
Disappointment plagued with pain
It all has but one name

Somehow I thought you were different
But clearly, addiction is
An unwinnable uphill battle
And our friendship means nothing against it

You used to be the One who stood out
Among everyone else in my life
One green crayon among an infinite array of reds, blues, oranges, yellows
All tipped with knives and stabbing my heart and soul
So just pick up that knife and join the rest

Yea you Were different
But you made me feel like s--t
When you were “living a little”
And you made me feel like s--t
For wanting you not to hurt yourself
No Kill yourself by “living a little”

Since I cannot win this
I really must leave
It kills me (ineffably so)
But I just cannot take more pain
Especially coming from the person closest to me

Come back to me
When you are over it
Come back to me,
I’ll help you handle it
Come back, I need you in my life
I’ll be waiting for your return
You can rebuild these bridges been burnt

It has but one name
Disappointment plagued with pain
It’s really all too much for me to take
This makes my live a torrid painful hell
You “live a little” by slowly killing your self

I’m sorry to say, but I just can’t do it anymore…

The author's comments:
One of those poems written out of desperation, even knowing that it will fall upon deaf ears. at least to the person it is intended for...

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