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I Hate You, Love

April 14, 2010
By geezarinho GOLD, Leicester, Other
geezarinho GOLD, Leicester, Other
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Favorite Quote:
If i've learnt how to love, it's because of you.

I hate you, love

love for others seems so fun,
they seem to have a blast,
but for me it's like it keeps me here,
in my unwanted broken past,
no matter how many times i try,
to escape this surrounding horror,
i'm always flung back to my place,
that i will spend forever,
broken and torn, my heart is shreds,
fourteen thousand pieces,
laid bare for all to trample on,
create more painful creases,
whenever i try to fix it up,
my heart just breaks again,
my chance of finding some true love,
ripped up and is slain,
i've only ever wanted to find,
someone to love for life,
someone to be there for me,
and to be my wife,
someone to touch when my days are grey,
and when my nights are cold,
if i ever felt all so lonely,
my heart they would hold,
but love has distanced me from this place,
to find the perfect happiness,
all i have left to hold on to now,
is this fading picture of us,
i don't think i can ever love someone,
where it brings my so much joy,
i guess i'm just an experiment,
Cupid's playful toy,
so i hate you love, i hate you love,
giving me all this torment,
i'm just one boy who wants to love,
beieve me i'm innocent,
why oh why is it me you've chosen,
to see how a loveless life goes,
it would have been so much simpler,
to shoot my with one of your arrows,
because i just want to live and love,
with no more needless hurt,
please can you just let me live,
for i really do love her.

The author's comments:
this poem shows my frustration towards love and why i can never fall in love with person and be happy.

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