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Remaining Unspoken

April 2, 2010
By sammyjanee GOLD, Plantsville, Connecticut
sammyjanee GOLD, Plantsville, Connecticut
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You are the sunshine that I smell when I awake
to the days that remind me that that summer existed.
(You are always there for me, and I wonder if you know how much I need you)

You are a nuisance, like that rain on my eyelashes
that was too faultless to blink away
(Without you, I’m not sure I could go on.)

You are a memory that I revisit often
that brings smiles of remembrance and tears of forgetfulness.
(It may be selfish, but I truly hope you are my angel)

You are a pile of rocks that I sit upon
that make the climb thrilling.
(I don’t let you control my feelings anymore)

You are the letter in my little black notebook
that I re-read often, if only just those few words.
(I want everything between us to go back to the way it was)

You are the birthmark on my back
that reminds me that imperfections make us perfect.
(You’ll make it someday, Kid, just find yourself)

You are the deadlines that sneak up on me-
a sly thief with a longing for beautiful disaster.
(I’m afraid of the way you make me feel)

You are the pains in my stomach
that will always be there, but will become dull as time goes on.
(I have nothing left to say to you)

You are the hair that hangs shapelessly in front of my eyes
that I bother with quite often, although it will always be there.
(No matter what happens, I am lucky that you love me)

You have a name,
but it will remain unspoken.
(Just like everything I have never said to you)

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