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If You Were Me

June 16, 2010
By real_as_can_be101 PLATINUM, Mustang, Oklahoma
real_as_can_be101 PLATINUM, Mustang, Oklahoma
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If You Were Me...
You would have brown hair
Brown eyes
I'm sorry to say that if you were me...
You would only be 4'11"
and you'd have very small feet
If you were me...
You wouldn't be able to stand the way your dad drives
And you'd carsick going short distances
If you were me...
You'd wear makeup to hide that aweful pimple
And it's never going to go away
If you were me...
You'd love to dance around and have a good time
Even though you'd be dancing on two left feet
If you were me...
The rain would be soothing
As long as it didn't rain too often
If you were me...
You'd have the most wonderful taste in guys
Even though you wouldn't get any of them
If you were me...
You'd hit writers block 14,156 times a day
But still you'd end up writing a thirty page book
If you were me...

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