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July 11, 2010
By Rain777 GOLD, ?Town, Texas
Rain777 GOLD, ?Town, Texas
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Thinking of you Lord.The Father Almighty.My heart is pure and my mind is tidy.You are the one way street that i want to get lost upon.Nothing but the sea with the bright shining sun.Everyone surrounds me while you surround them.Lots of hearts unwraveling waitig for you to hem.Mend my heart like Trudy and Rosa mend a quilt.So filled with honor and strongly built.A week ago where were we? I did not hear yet even clearly see.Rededication is more than just a confined proclaimation.It is a lifestyle...totally worthwhile. Everything is spun all for you, our #1!You are the truth, you are the guide.Through you, all things can collide.You are the Hope for all of our nation.The joy and spirit 4 our generation.Because of you, i am changed.In everything i am engaged.Im engaged upon you glory!You control the whole story.When i was an infant i held fear for the darkness of the night.When i was a toddler the monsters in the closet held my fright.When i was 9 my fear was to never meet my father.The day is May 20th 2010 and i recently met my ONE AnD ONLY FATHER!JESUS CHRIST IS PRESENT!!!!!!He isthe gift that i have been sent!He is the light and i will repent!Now im 14 and i fear but only 1thing.I am a God- fearing beautiful human being.The feelings iv felt, you NEED 2 feel tooo!I am never gloomy nor ever blue.I am a brave child of God who "truly" needs to makke a difference.My intentions are beyond these white and puffy clouds.Beyond all the wind and all the sounds.The beauty of braveness, the image in your likeness.The crinkling of the leaves and the dimming of the brightness.You take the breath right out of me.It is awesomely, only you that i see.I will do your wil and breakthrough that seal.The seal that once held me back.Now theres nothing tied down and nothing to lack.You willdo through me great things, this i know.My soul will be pure and whiter than snow.That moment that our eyes meet and the moment that my soul begins to dance.Its going to be worth everything, a never ending romance.I feel you, you're here, you're welcome, and you're nnear.No matter what the situation, your love takes noo vacation.You are my rescuer, my lifesaver.I want this feeling forever and ever.I need you to know that i called and YOU aswered!I felt hazard, i felt fright,i felt demons in the night.You flipped it all around, brought my knees to the ground.My browneyes exploding withtears.Youpersonally wiped them away and i let go of all my cares.You know whats on my heart.Its been torn and torn apart.You are my best friend and i am your follower.You are my leader and my heart is not any more hollower.For you wrapped me in your arms, squeezed me tight, kissed me on the forehead.Touched my heart and told me id be alright.Now yourheart ismy bed.I lay awake tellig you for hours.I love you Lord Jesus.I love you Lord Jesus.I love you Lord Jesus.You are my haven, youare my sweetness, you are my hope, when all i feel is weakness.Youve saved a spot for me in heaven where you bare for me a crown.And there youare , you're smiling.Im looking up and you're looking down : )!To: my Lord my savior!!<3333333333333333333with LOVE and beyond!

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I, Reyna, absolutely ADORE this one! it makes me cry, and gets better every time i read it! Enjoy!<3

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on Aug. 7 2010 at 2:10 pm
ellyncannon PLATINUM, Mexia, Texas
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Beautiful. Just beautiful! Breathtaking and tear jerking! I love all your work and this one especially! Keep it up Rey!! <3 IFLY

on Aug. 5 2010 at 10:10 pm
Alcanno DIAMOND, Mexia, Texas
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made up of."

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Reyna. There are no words powerful enough to describe this poem. I've been going through a harder time in my faith, and this poem brought me back, and reminded me of what I've strayed from and how important and perfect it is. The deepest thanks for writing this - your word choice is amazing and your imagery is breath-taking. I love you!!! Keep writing! <3 Alex