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Love, life, and in between

July 17, 2010
By BillyJoeBobKellyGeorge PLATINUM, Gardena, California
BillyJoeBobKellyGeorge PLATINUM, Gardena, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be." ~ grandma moses

I live, I love, and I love to live
But what’s love? What’s life?
I am motored by these boggling questions
They seem to drive me into a ditch
In the middle of a deserted desert
Pitch-black skies and prickly cactus
The sands of time surround me
I can’t stand it
so I sit and wonder
yet all I see is you
as if I love you so
but no, I don’t
well, at least I don’t think so

I laugh, I smile
Whenever I laugh, I smile
In an instant, I remember us
Mounted on the wall of memory
Is that moonlight dance
No music, no dancing skills, yet
Our shuffling feet,
tripping over cracks embedded
led me into your arms again

I jump, I drown
i jump into waters deep
and drown, submerged in tears
fears run rampant through my bloodstream
pulsing heartbeat, like a hammer
i stammer beyond my control
i roll in tune with the waves ashore
and keep on swimming until i hit the rocks

i wake up, i take off
and shoot towards the moon
and swoon at the sight of stars
glittering lights, flitting fireflies
i float back to earth, with my eyes shining
i feel the wet paint of the past
on my skin, on each chamber of my heart
who do i love at the end of the day?
a difficult question when the day has barely started...

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