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August 29, 2010
By littlebrownpet PLATINUM, Pune, Other
littlebrownpet PLATINUM, Pune, Other
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It blinds me,
Surrounds me,
Threatens to consume me
I can’t see a thing
Yet somehow I know
This darkness is beautiful

Somehow it gives me
A sense of comfort
I’ve never found elsewhere
It makes my other senses stronger
It makes me feel alive

I cannot see,
But my hearing is just as good now
Every rustle in the forest
Every creepy crawly sound
My ears can distinguish each separately
And I’ll know if danger lurks close by

The wind is flowing through the air
Bringing different tastes to my tongue
The cold night air tastes delicious
A flavor I’ve never tasted before
It’s better than anything else I’ve known

Scents fill the cold damp air
Scents I would have never known,
Were it not for this darkness
Each tree smells different
The wet soil rich with pleasant scents
It’s oddly calming to my mind

And all that I can feel!
The cold wind against my bare skin
Caressing my arms and neck
It brings more comfort
Than any lovers embrace
And the leaves touch me
As I pass them by
Reassuring me in their own way,
Telling me I’ll be okay

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