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If You Want Her to Hear You, Speak LOUDER!

August 22, 2010
By NuclearMuse GOLD, Burnsville, Minnesota
NuclearMuse GOLD, Burnsville, Minnesota
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Folds of silver settle
Upon my skin as I
Gaze out of my window.
I want to reach up and
Grab that tempting,
Silver orb, but it
Teases me so.
Looking so small,
As if I could fit it into
My pocket, yet staying
Just far enough away
So that I cannot manage
To grasp it in my
Eager hands.
She gives me hope, and
Lights my way through
But she is just another
Thing I can never
Attain, or even
The brightest thing in my
Busy world,
But my voice is too soft
To reach her when I
Say I love her.

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