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Running Barefoot

September 9, 2010
By Goldilocks GOLD, Delta, Other
Goldilocks GOLD, Delta, Other
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The night snow fell
It was midnight
It was silent

The sky was cast in an unnatural orange hue
From the city’s bright street lights
It was then I stepped out barefoot
Leaving a small trail of prints to mark my small presence

I ran and ran on the clean white blanket
Until my feet were both swollen and red
My breath a ragged fog
My skin pricked up by goose bumps

Still I ran, not knowing why it brought such joy
Tumbling down into a snow built cradle
The flakes falling over me protectively

Cold drops melted through the thin layer of my t-shirt
As I gazed with dreamer’s eyes at the stars above
Squinting around for that ever constant big dipper

For that instant I was both free and alone
The moment was mine

So I ran bare foot in the snow
Twirling in a white paradise
Awake as the world went on sleeping

Dancing, tumbling, breathing
Until I was free
Invincible; undefeatable

The snow fell in a heavy curtain
Tucking me away
Safe in that midnight white dream

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