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September 27, 2010
By maybeshannon DIAMOND, Keller, Texas
maybeshannon DIAMOND, Keller, Texas
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Happiness is feeling the breeze in your hair and the power in your body as you sprint across the field in your first soccer game.
Happiness is discovering a new song and singing the whole thing to your friends before they even know its name.
Happiness is getting a perfect score on the super-hard test you studied so hard for to ace.
Happiness is knowing you will score the game-winning point as you race home from third base.
Happiness is running out into the pouring, muddy rain after coming clean in a steaming hot shower.
Happiness is taking a little time out of your oh-so busy social schedule to stop and smell the flowers.
Happiness is a brand-new, fresh out of the box, gorgeous pair of shoes with the tags still clipped on.
Happiness is the self given, simple satisfaction of thinking you’re always right, even when you’re wrong.
Happiness is the restful relaxation of sinking into the couch with a good book after a long day at school.
Happiness is prancing around town in a mix-matched, whacked-out outfit you think is totally cool.
Happiness is the elation you get after you sing your heart out on the talent show stage for the very first time in the second grade.
Happiness is the surge of excitement you feel at the start of a brand new year knowing you’re ready for the first day.
Happiness is forgetting your worries, problems, and troubles and focusing on the beautiful little things in this world.
Happiness is not being afraid to try something totally new, praying it will go right, and just givin’ it a whirl.
Happiness is finally realizing you love that crazy, clumsy, funny blonde boy with all your heart.
Happiness is the feeling you get when you run up and hug your best friend at the airport after spending months apart.
Happiness is catching a beautiful butterfly and watching wonderingly as it flutters away when you let it go.
Happiness is feeling yourself glide down a drift of white as your skies cut smoothly through the snow;
Happiness is waking upon Christmas morning to see the tree is surrounded with tons of presents and gifts.
Happiness is spending a day or two with the ones you know you would love to spend all your time with.
Happiness is all these things and many, many more!
Doesn’t matter if you know who I am, but you know what I’m for.

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