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An Overbearing Presence...

October 17, 2010
By littlebrownpet PLATINUM, Pune, Other
littlebrownpet PLATINUM, Pune, Other
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Next to me he stands,
An overbearing presence
A shadow with thought and movement
Nothing ventured,
Nothing said
Just a shape hovering over my head

He keeps me grounded down
While my wings rot away
He’s keeping me tied to the earth,
An iron ball attached at my foot
If I can’t fly,
I’d rather die
Than live in this misery

No danger from his part
But anxiety to my heart
He says nothing,
But only looks on
Keeps harm away
While watching my actions with dismay

I won’t hear any words
But the judgment on his tongue
The tightening of his eyes,
The slight turn of his lips
Tells me I’m doing something wrong
Something he wouldn’t do,
Something I shouldn’t do
Because that’s who he expects me to be

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