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Mindy and Plato

October 20, 2010
By zachroyal PLATINUM, Johnson City, Tennessee
zachroyal PLATINUM, Johnson City, Tennessee
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"I Am but Mad North-northwest: When the Wind is Southerly I Know a Hawk from a Handsaw"

Connection has slowed,
To a stop even.
“Too far to keep,” you and I silently
and implicitly agree.
Day and night, I
Can hear you thinking.
Memories twitch;
Mindy glares,
I am a sexy composition boldly
Prophesying a selfish God.
Hit me and I’ll
Drivel for you,
Shoot me so I can
Level my head, my words,
Blow me so everything
Will taste so bitter:
Like death and like looking glass,
Like holding, with vigor, onto your form.
How’d you get stuck in a mirror,
Anyway girl?
I can’t sniff you out this time,
I can’t go to war with you.

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