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A Jewel in the Sky

November 24, 2010
By very_literary SILVER, Ballwin, Missouri
very_literary SILVER, Ballwin, Missouri
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The bright sun, a jewel in the sky, sets on a blood red horizon,
And all who look upon it gape in awe,
White flowers are picked up in the wind and swirl around like a blizzard on a wintery day,
And birds soar in the sky, their wild calls and chirps slowly fading into the horizon,
Their soaring figures casting small, flitting shadows on the level ground,
And the grass is soft underfoot with wind creating green waves on the lush field,
And as the wind blows, the trees shiver and wrap their leaves closer around them,
Yet even the breathtaking beauty and serenity of nature cannot rob the fiery ball in the sky of its magnificence,
Streaks of pink are woven into the now pale orange quilt of the sky,
The sun slowly vanishes beneath the trees, its yellow rays of light forming golden beacons that rise above the tall figures of the trees,
And the lake that lies before the trees shines with large, silver dots shimmering on its blue-dappled surface,
The sun is gone now and the sky is a pale purple streaked with blue,
And the birds sing the last song of the day,
And the people slowly turn away,
And when tomorrow comes,
Nature shall display its beauty once more in a dazzling array

The author's comments:
This was a gorgeous sunset I saw once at a park, so, I automatically described it in a poem.

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