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December 15, 2010
By HarperEphrath SILVER, Sterling, Virginia
HarperEphrath SILVER, Sterling, Virginia
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Anger is like a Red fire engine, wailing its head off.
Happiness is like a beautiful flower, singing to the heavens.
Sadness is like a casket, followed by a sea of black mourners.
Passion is like a bed, it can be expressed there.
Depression is like a drug, supposed to help but doesn't.
Doubt is like a cushion, to be squished and put out of the way.
Jealousy is like music, blaring in your head and you can't get it out.
Euphoria is like a recliner, so soft and causes comfort.
Bashfulness is like a young child, holding on to its mom's hand for dear life.
Hate is like a knife, used to cut someone deeply.
Love is like a fire, needing to be re-lit every now and again.

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