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Dear Santa

December 15, 2010
By Klara_J. GOLD, Portland, Oregon
Klara_J. GOLD, Portland, Oregon
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Dear Santa,
What has happened to the world
It's so full of rage and war
Leaving little hope behind
Man killing man
Neighbor taking neighbor's land
Red blood raining down
Drenching the Earth
Her beauty is fading
Soon to be gone.

Dear Santa,
Little snow is falling
What does fall
Is stained by the blood
Children are locked indoors
To be sheltered from the violence
No longer do they laugh and play
The cold lingers on
Long after winter's end
Forever punishing us
For our sinful deeds

Dear Santa,
I ask for no presents
Instead I would like one simple thing
Bring to the world hope, peace, love, and joy
All of which can be seen in the eyes of a child
Santa use your magic
To show us the light
A star that hangs above our heads
To show us the way
A wonderful star
The star of David

Dear Santa,
I've lost my will to live
I'm disgusted by the way things are
My appetite's no longer filled
My heart aches To see a world so full of hate
So many blackened hearts
So many that greed does take
The world's getting colder
It's only getting worse
I can't take it anymore

Dear Santa,
You're my last hope

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