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Down Because of You

December 14, 2010
By WriteLoveOnMyArm BRONZE, Champlin, Minnesota
WriteLoveOnMyArm BRONZE, Champlin, Minnesota
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Teachers, family, friends.
All these people tell you to
cherish the time
spent with the people
that you belong to
Practically shoving the message
down my throat
hoping I will do as you say.
But I wish you were gone.
I wish the wind could pick you up
from your chair
whisk you away from me forever.

You're nothing but a
never ending pain in my side
my head
my heart.
You don't realize what you're doing is
leaving bruises, like a stain
Treated and cared for,
but it’s always there
Always noticeable.

You don't look in the mirror,
see your eyes
see how much hate is in them.
Don't try to say different
you're a terrible actor.

You're turning your back on us.
You’re leaving pain with all of us
Whether it be to the face,
stomach, or anywhere else your hands can
can reach, hurting,
until you’ve had your fill.
But you don't think it's wrong?
You think it helps?
that everything will go away?
Don't even
because I know it won't.
It never has.

But you continue to try
with the same
ugly, bruising results.
My pain
created by you.
You're not a dad.
Not to me
not really.

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