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I Know You Are Beautiful

January 2, 2011
By iwriter42 GOLD, Ballwin, Missouri
iwriter42 GOLD, Ballwin, Missouri
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My friend
My incredible friend
My best friend since kindergarten
We grew up together
I shot up like corn...or something
I grew up
You shot up like a vine...or something
You grew up, too

We weren’t always together
But we never changed
Our lives didn’t change diversely
Polite, growing-up girls
Trying to find their ways in the world

After graduating
We kept the same path
To the same school
Together, like old times
We hung out more
Talked more
Turns out, we never
Should have left each other’s sides

Soon into
Freshman year
He came along
A senior
He smiled
You fell
Both of you
Head over heels
Mainly you

You were inseparable
I moved on
To other people
Anyone who wasn’t
Holding hands with someone
Who snapped your bra strap
As a sign of affection

Right before
His senior prom
A nasty break-up
During school lunch
In front of
A shouting match
And crying, in your case
I was by your side

The next day
A huge poster on your locker
Held by duct tape
In Sharpie marker, he wrote it
Thick, black
Unable to erase
Or hide
Or laugh off
‘I never said you were beautiful’

What a jerk
What an idiot
What a bully
So many things
I want to say
That I should have said before
But I didn’t want to
Hurt you
So I let you say them
And I listen

Prom night
Not for us
Cause we’re freshman
Lame freshman
But we dress up anyway
Just like I always wanted it to be

We go to a homeless shelter
And pour soup
In their Styrofoam bowls
After we serve
We get our own meals
And eat with the homeless
Hear their stories
Their hopes
Their dreams
What incredible people

After we leave
The shelter
With warmth in our hearts
We talk about

Then she brings it up
That horrible sign
I put my arm around her shoulder
Getting cold from the wind
And the sleeveless purple prom dress doesn’t help much
But I put my arm around her shoulder
And tell her

My friend
My incredible friend
My best friend since kindergarten
We grew up together
I was never jealous of you
I was proud of you
I still am proud of you
And I say

He may never have told you
That you are beautiful
But I know
I’ve always known
He thinks that you’re beautiful
But I know
I’ve always known
I know that you are beautiful

The author's comments:
I wrote this song for my friend, because I, well, pretty much the poem applies to her.

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