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The Cynic

January 20, 2011
By Katie Barry BRONZE, Wilmington, Massachusetts
Katie Barry BRONZE, Wilmington, Massachusetts
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Cynical. A sharp tongue cuts like a knife.
Cynical. Words bubble from the core; oh, to say the things you know you cannot.
Cynical. Strong jaw cast downward.
Cynical. Narcissism, blood thunders in the aorta.
Cynical. Apathetic and proud.
Cynical. Cold, smooth mirror for a cold, smooth disposition.
Cynical. Silk ties and blatant lies.
Cynical. Businessmen with sly charm and shiny hair.
Cynical. A lithe snake twines itself between shaking feet.
Cynical. Slick metal, iron spheres.
Cynical. Dull eyes, vehement words.
Cynical. Plumes of curling smoke.
Cynical. Sometimes caustic is better than cautious.

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