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Day Dream

February 24, 2011
By Dustfingers DIAMOND, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Dustfingers DIAMOND, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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It was something as simple as a day dream,
Setting me apart from all others
All my hopes and all my dreams
Braided and twisted into the seams of one simple daydream.
To look out of my small shattered and tattered window,
Into a field of nothing and see the,
Vast world around me,
My eyes, not so innocent, yet
So full of hope and wonder
That daydream that made the push
Of a pen stroke as blissful as a
Cool cup of lemonade in the
Blistering heat of the summertime
One journey of the mind that could
Create endless pages of that fairy tale
Or that not so fairy tale

That simple daydream of dirt roads,
Sounds of mockingbirds and the sweet hums of those ladies,
You know the ones with their fine white hats on, hanging so slightly off the sides of their faces, with their laced gloves, designed with the finest
Silk, dispersing from the congregation
On that fine Sunday in the autumn when the
Leaves have freshly fallen all over those
Fine automobiles, parked on the fine grass

Those dreams, those daydreams were the
Budding flowers of my imagination,
Those thoughts so expected like clockwork,
Especially on those rainy days in the middle
Of May when, the clouds have rolled in
And the sun has gone into hiding

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