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Broken and Beautiful

March 14, 2011
By lessthanthree.14 SILVER, Pflugerville, Texas
lessthanthree.14 SILVER, Pflugerville, Texas
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Grief, it seemed, drove Voldemort away - although Dumbledore would have said it was love. -Deathly Hallows

Her eyes have been stained
From the life that she’s lived
From the broken and pain
That she just can’t forgive.
She once had a dream
That she had someone to love
But it blew away in the steam
And she had to give up.
Her world is an ocean
Mysterious and wide
But she goes through the motions
Of her “perfect little” life
In whom can she confide?
In whom can she trust?
When she does nothing but fight
And won’t ever give up
She sees her life as a sketch,
Rough, meaningless, gray
She tries her absolute best,
And it’s taken away
She’s the girl you admire
You see every day
You envy her fire
In every way
How could you know,
That she cried in her sleep?
How would you know
Her life’s laying in heaps?
She’s hurting, she cries
In the cover of night
She hides behind lies
To make everything right

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