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Box of Steel

March 16, 2011
By Dreaming_Out_Loud PLATINUM, Holden, Massachusetts
Dreaming_Out_Loud PLATINUM, Holden, Massachusetts
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Curled up
I struggle
To break the bonds
Holding me in
A Box of Steel
Closing in
I gasp for air

When I accept it
That this is life
I realize
That it is my fault
As much as any one's
I imprison others
And at one point
I conceded
Let others imprison me

And when I'm calm
Breathing regularly
The numbness gone away
Cool steel
Against my skin
I stretch my legs
And find nothing there
No wall of steel
No prison
Happily I pause
Bask in my success

When I feel cramped once more
I stretch again
Into open air
But then
Unforgiving steel collides
Against my raw feet
Sending shock waves
Through my body

All along
I was in the box
And isolated
For a way out
But the door
Can only be unlocked
By someone on the outside

And everyone
Is already locked
In their own
Box of Steel

The author's comments:
The box of steel is a metaphor for stereotypes and how no one can really stop the stereotypes because we all are affected by them. Society labels us all and we really can't fight back.

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