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Love Unreturned

March 26, 2011
By Dogma353 BRONZE, New Berlin, Wisconsin
Dogma353 BRONZE, New Berlin, Wisconsin
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Reaching up to touch the stars, too often does man forget the flowers at their feet.

I think it's safe to say that it's my turn to run away

I tried to fight through the hurt

But you've done damage to my heart

I can't help but cry when i catch your eye

And honestly i want to die

You don't care and walk away

You won't give a chance to what I say

I hope you see

How you're hurting me

'cause I'm blinded by your apathy

I don't know why i even try to catch your eye

'cause all you do is pass me by

You ignore and close the door

I want to scream!

I know you don't care

But you still stand there

And mock my heart

You're a master of this dark art

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