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March 26, 2011
By Dogma353 BRONZE, New Berlin, Wisconsin
Dogma353 BRONZE, New Berlin, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
Reaching up to touch the stars, too often does man forget the flowers at their feet.

Run! Run! Run!

As fast as you can

He'll come after you

No matter what you do

He'll find you

Kill you

You can't escape his bittersweet trap

of words and love

Physical appeal

No matter what you say

He's nothing but real

He'll draw you in

with words of romance

Strength doesn't matter

You'll still fall for him

And when he's got you

right where he wants

When he's earned your trust

he'll take your life

in a sea of rust

Your crimson tears

spill like the rain

that falls from the sky.

They call your name:

"You fell for it, You stupid girl"

your mind gets lost in a violent swirl

He holds you tight

you can't get away

Your vision fades

on your dying day

And when he's done

He'll start anew

and find a victim

who was just like you?

The author's comments:
I was sitting outside on the roof of the car, and I was going to write about something involving nature but I turned on my music, and totally zoned out. Next thing I knew, this poem was scrawled on my paper

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