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Night Terrors .

May 3, 2011
By TaylorMariee GOLD, Indianapolis, Indiana
TaylorMariee GOLD, Indianapolis, Indiana
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As soon as I close my eyes, I search for something to save me on this frightful night . Each minute I drift further back to this cold , wicked place. When I arrive I recognize the same sinister man , and the metallic smell in the air . In the dark and chilling room I sit in the corner with my only sense being the sound of bellowing crys in the distance. These muffled plees pierce my ears and bring tears to my eyes for I have discovered that they belong to the ones I love . Terrified , I use my hands to feel the cement walls of the room , hoping to stumble upon a way back to my family and my home. Suddenly , with great force I felt the man wrap his hands around my neck . I fight for my breath, gasping and wheezing inspite of the struggle. At once everything started to go blank, the last thing my brain could register is the sound of my neck snapping under pressure . Finally , I jerk from my slunder and I am in my own bed. But , I know this isn't over . Me and the diabolical man will meet again .

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired my bad dreams that I have been experiencing since I was a small child.

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