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May 1, 2011
By xsassysydx GOLD, Boiceville, New York
xsassysydx GOLD, Boiceville, New York
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Those cells, burning, doubling, splitting out of their skins
The smell of smoke hangs in the air
The fire burns down my throat and makes my eyes water
As if I have swallowed hell
I can't spit it out, it glued my mouth shut
I bite my tongue, wanting to speak
It reaches my stomach
Making it churn
Bile surges in me, making me groan
A splitting headache pierces me
My hands shake uncontrollably
A scream tears through me
Then my lips are sealed again
Searing pain in my heart
I feel like a live pyre
As if i have swallowed hell
Is it poison or a disease?
Pity this busy monster, manunkind

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