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May 19, 2011
By VanityKills PLATINUM, Lake Elsinore, California
VanityKills PLATINUM, Lake Elsinore, California
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Goodnight, my love.
I never wanted it to end this way,
or even end at all.
I had always wondered what this day would feel like.
The pain,
the sorrow,
The regret.
I'd take everything back,
just to have what we used to posess.
So, goodnight, my dear.
I'll give you your time.
I'll let you see what you can find. B
ut I swear on my life, y
ou'll never find another like me.
You'll only find people who know what they WANT to be.
I'm already there,
I'm here.
So find me when you've figured out what you want.
I'm not far.
Just a text or call,
because we all know it was quite a great fall that we took.
Goodnight and goodbye,
for the final time.
If we meet again,
it will be forever.
It won't end like this again.

The author's comments:
My great friend became very distance with me lately, and we live far away from each other so the problems aren't easily solved... I also wrote this thinking about an ex.

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