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What He Said To Me

May 24, 2011
By YouMakeMeSmile SILVER, Atlanta, Indiana
YouMakeMeSmile SILVER, Atlanta, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
"If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."

I look out my bedroom window,
See the moon up in the sky,
I see the stars are all around it,
And then I start to cry.

So me and my piano,
Will see a song tonight,
One that reminds me of you,
When everything was alright.

I know you’re okay without me,
But I can’t bear to see,
That you’ve gone on with your life,
And left me in the breeze.

I can barely look at you,
The next time I see your face,
You ask me what is wrong,
My head is up in space.

I try my best to talk,
But I can hardly breathe.
My thoughts are running wildly,
Just answer this question please.

Why is everything so wrong?
My life is such a mess.
Nothing seems right anymore,
I can’t handle all this stress!

You look at me,
And grab my hand,
Pull me to my feet,
So we both stand.

Tears swell in my eyes
As you look at me,
I feel such pain,
And say fearfully:

“I want you forever,
For all of my life.”
The words escape my lips,
And I begin to think twice.

You look at me,
But say no words.
I try to walk away,
My heart is injured.

You pull me close,
Whisper in my ear,
“I want you too, so why the tears?”

You wipe them away,
As they run down my cheeks.
Not one of us talks,
Not one of us speaks.

“When all goes wrong,
I’ll stand by you.
My feelings are strong,
And always true.
I’ll love you forever,
For all of my years.
And no mistake you make can change them,
So don’t fear.”

That night
I rethink what you said.
I smile,
And all the bad thoughts fled.

My heart doesn’t ache,
My heart isn’t sore,
My heart feels good,
Since the end of our war.

Our love isn’t easy,
It’s a struggle most of the time.
But I know you’ll always be there.
You’ll help me through the climb.

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