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July 14, 2011
By Shannah GOLD, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Shannah GOLD, Tulsa, Oklahoma
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Two months...Four days...It happened on our 2 month anniversary. You let me go. The look on your face told me otherwise. Now we are 21 miles apart. How do you go from seeing someone you love everyday to never and keep up the love. But you love me?
You say long distance relationships never work for you. you want to make it work. You seem like your heart isn't all the way in it though. If it's not going to work just tell me so my heart can heal with the time and space. You won't let me go. Honestly I don't want to, I want to make it work. It should be 50/50. Help me out here. I love you I always will. Call me sometimes. Visit me. Love me.
I can feel myself slipping away from you, from your heart. That's the only place I wish I could be. But I'm running. Fast....

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