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i have fear

September 9, 2011
By poetidea_myworld_22 PLATINUM, Rediville, South Carolina
poetidea_myworld_22 PLATINUM, Rediville, South Carolina
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darkness slips over me
my pain grows stronger with in
the blows that landed me on the ground
r bruising deeper and deeper
i cry out for help no one is there
darkness has almost taken over
my thoughts begin to drift
i no longer see the light
my hope and dreams are taken away
my heart beats faster
i feel sweat running down my brow
i am revived but all that is left
is a hollow feeling inside
my scars are open
no time to heel everything is coming out
and its no longer clear
with every heart beat it slows
with every breath its hollow
worry has always been my thing
but worry slips away and is replaced with fear
fear to close my eys
fear to loose the ones i love
fear of never returning
now all is lost.

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