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Love is.. Love isn't..

October 25, 2011
By Shannah GOLD, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Shannah GOLD, Tulsa, Oklahoma
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1. Love is peaceful, strong and still. You never lie and always keep it real!
2. Love is between two people, not for everyone to know. Keep it like that and your love will grow.
3. Love isn't dirty, it's as clean as can be.
4. Love isn't blind cause he can see me.

I can see him, and they can see us. So what's up with this I feel like I'm gonna bust? Wanna know how I feel? Listen to my words. I feel like I'm losing this fight with what's wrong and what's right.

So with this I leave, the things that I heave, from deep inside. Listen to me please. Nobody knows the REAL definition of love. So read this list placed up above. And think of your definition of love.

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