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January 24, 2012
By ForeverSweetheart GOLD, Safford, Arizona
ForeverSweetheart GOLD, Safford, Arizona
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Do you believe in flying above the stars?
Breathing 'till the rain comes,
Or dancing until the music ends?

Some people may walk past you,
Fake a smile and take a breath.
You may walk past someone with revenge in your thoughts.

In your heart,
You yearn for that which you cannot live with.
The one you love is way better than you.

When you promise them something,
You want to scream.
You want to tell them everything they did to hurt you.
And all because You're jealous
And you know you will never be as amazing as the one you love the most.

You might think about all the things you may have done wrong at the end of the day.
You might blame yourself for every left that was taken when it should have been a right.
Where does that get you?

Deal with life.
You may be a dreamer.
What does that mean?

It means that you believe in flying above the stars,
Breathing 'till the rain comes,
And dancing until the music ends.

You are a dreamer.
Deal with it.
The world can not change you unless you let it.
And you can not change yourself unless you let the change come in.

Embrace who you are,

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