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January 20, 2012
By Silverleaf SILVER, North Vernon, Indiana
Silverleaf SILVER, North Vernon, Indiana
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If the world ended tomorrow..... What would you say to me today?
If i told you i loved you..... Would you tell me you loved me too?
If i died tonight..... Would you miss me?
If there was a Zombie apocalypse which you were bitten..... Would you fight for my heart?
If i dream about you..... Would you dream about me?
If i were the sun..... Will you stay outside and soak up your skin in my warmth?
If i were the moon..... Would you watch me change my shape every night?
If i were the stars..... Would you gaze at me forever?
If love was death..... Would you die for me... even if i promised to follow?
If i were music..... Would you listen to me?
If i were a wolf and you the moon..... Would you allow me to howl to you?
If i were a puppy... or a small helpless kitten... Would you take me home?
If i were mute..... Would you still talk to me?
If i were blind..... Would you be my eyes?
If i were yin..... Would u be yang?
If i were love..... Would you be hate?
If i were Life.....Would you be death?
If the world stopped turning.....Would you be beside me till it started again?
If i were a memory..... Would you hold me there forever?
If i were your shadow... Will you keep me there?
If i were your best friend..... Would you do everything with me?
If i ruled the world..... Would you be there to rule beside me?
If i was love..... Would you embrace me?

If, i, me, my, you, were, would, will, love, hate, life, death, forever.....

If these were my last words......... Would you hold onto them forever?

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