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February 8, 2012
By Aaka131 SILVER, Dunbar, Pennsylvania
Aaka131 SILVER, Dunbar, Pennsylvania
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"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." -Dr. Seuss

When I'm gone and laid for my final rest
I want to be remembered for having done my best
I want someones life to be better because I was part
I hope they'll remember and keep me in their heart
People will change and life will go on
I just hope I'm not forgotten when I'm gone
I want to be thought about once in awhile
And hope the memories make people laugh and smile
I don't want the sorrow, the guilt, or the tears
I just want people to remember all of the good years
I hope to make an impact before I have to go away
One that will benefit someone every single day
Whether I accomplish something great or only something small
I wonder if I'll be remembered for doing anything at all
We're all put here for a reason and I want to find out
What these special reasons are all about
When my time is up and my life comes to an end
I hope I'm remembered as being a good friend
I want someone to miss me but not to be sad
I want them to recall all the good times we had
I hope people will learn from things I did while I was here
And use these lessons to improve their lives year after year
I don't want to be just some person, who is pushed into a faraway thought
This is the only favor I ask for when I'm gone, just simply to not be forgot
I don't care who remembers me, nor do I care when
I just hope I'm not forgotten when my life comes to an end

The author's comments:
I want my life to have meaning. I don't want to be just another name in the paper when I die, I want more than that.

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