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March 9, 2012
By Shannah GOLD, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Shannah GOLD, Tulsa, Oklahoma
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I know I won't give up on loving you. Obviously you feel the same way too. To still be with me after all I put you thru. Not knowing that I needed you. Soul, body, and mind. It would seem so stupid to leave just cause we're not happy all the time. So thats why I refuse to give us up, you gotta stay mine.
So lets stay together while these other couples buck. scared of tomorrow, scared to test their luck. You and I will walk hand in hand, heads held high. Bodies on the ground but our hearts together in the sky. The angels look upon us and smile down at our love. But me, I'm looking up, thanking our God above.
Thanking Him for my own angel. My human savior. My hater slayer. My baby maker. MY love, my heart, my joy, my pain. MY EVERYTHING!

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