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Is this okay?

March 22, 2012
By Mairee1998 SILVER, Napoleon, Ohio
Mairee1998 SILVER, Napoleon, Ohio
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I am not what many would think...
I am not what they all see me as.
It's strange that i hide myself,
even from those who should understand me.

I'm not sure how my parents would react,
if i told them my secret.
I'm also not sure how my friends would react,
if they knew the truth about me.

It always seems easier to tell people you don't know,
people you know you will never meet.
If only it were as easy to tell those you love,
without fearing rejection.

The truth is i am gay,
yes you heard me right.
It was so easy to just type that right now,
since i know that no one that reads it can judge me.

Why does life have to be so hard,
and why do you have to fear what the ones that you hold closest think about you?
I really wish i could tell them all...
but i don't want them to shun me...

I'm so confused...
I'm starting to loose myself...
I mean is it wrong...
Am i strange to be this way...
Can i really help who i love...
If i tried could i make these feelings go away...
To tell the truth i'm not sure anymore...

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