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So There's This Girl...

February 29, 2012
By Karles_Ivy PLATINUM, Sunnyside, Washington
Karles_Ivy PLATINUM, Sunnyside, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
Sometimes the bully isn’t the captain of the cheerleaders or the girl who for some reason has it out for only you; sometimes the worst bully of them all is you.- Karles_Ivy

So there's this girl
She's extremely shy
In front of people
Doesn't like to express
Her true self

This girl
Is absolutely afraid
Of rejection
From any kind
So she never
Puts herself out there

And this girl
Whom everyone loves
Hates herself
Mostly her body
And her sheer ugliness

Plus this girl
Cries herself
To sleep most nights
Hating her family
And wishing for someone
To love her

Honestly, this girl
Is a piece of work
Totally complicated
Really pitiful
Doesn't really care

Yeah, this girl
I feel for her
I want to help her
Save her from
Her own darkness
But how can I,

If this girl
Is me?

The author's comments:
This is how I feel when I just can't take it anymore, when the stresses of my life become unbearable. This poem is pure truth, and I cry every time I read it.

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