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Suggestion of Loss

September 19, 2012
By WanderingSky GOLD, Cranston, Rhode Island
WanderingSky GOLD, Cranston, Rhode Island
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Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first. - Mark Twain

The dark sea turns on the beach.
"You are not what you were," it cries.
But the beach lies in still repose, careless of the sea's anguish.
The dark sea roars to the sky,
"What have my eyes seen?"
Whilst the dusky sky shatters into a thousand silver tears.
The dark sea folds into itself.
"When did they change?" it grieves.
And the beach replies,
"I have not changed, but grown."
And the sky answers,
"I have not changed, but seen."
The dark sea rises and says to the beach,
"How have you grown when you leave me behind?"
And the dark sea says to the sky,
"How have you seen when you have not gone?"

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