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Finding Dad

November 28, 2012
By WR1T3R GOLD, Bloomfield, New Mexico
WR1T3R GOLD, Bloomfield, New Mexico
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A feel of wonder
A feel of fear
Living year to year
Never quite letting myself ponder

A feeling of shock sinks in
Is it really him?
Or is it a dream within?
My mind set to swim

All my life never knowing
A feeling that was never there
I guess you could call it a tear
So strange a feeling I’m experiencing

A word I’ve always said
A word that would fill me with dread
Now leaves me contented
No more of my life is wasted

I can say Dad with a smile
Knowing he’s good and pure
This I am positively sure
His name on my phone brings me up a mile

I was lost in a land
Inside my heart where I had no clue
Pieces that were never put in place now stuck with permanent glue
I can’t wait to hold his hand

To see his face
His stumbling grace
To be in the same place
The word ‘Father’ a new taste

Never was sure I existed
Was pulled back at the start
Now I see his glorious heart
My thoughts are now listed

I want to leap with glee
Have a whole new family
Starting with an anomaly
I’ve finally found where I want to be

Long Lost
Long hoped for
Definitely worth the wait

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