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I'm Thankful For...

January 28, 2013
By nikiiiZ GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
nikiiiZ GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
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I am thankful for long yellow lights and intersections with no cameras.
For crew socks that stay up when I wear my boots.
For multiple fan settings, so that I am not too hot or too cold.
For $2 bottles of nail polish at Walgreens.
I'm thankful for Sparknotes, Google Translate, and all search engines.
For extra credit and gigantic curves on tests.
I'm thankful that centipedes and spiders cannot fly.
For shadow days that cancel tests.
For facial oil remover sheets so that I don't look like a greasy pizza.
For teachers that only call on you when you raise your hand.
I am thankful for push-up bras that make me look like I at least have B-cups.
For flowy tank tops that hide my fat.
I am thankful that I live in such a well known city.
For the cancel button for a text message sent to the wrong person.
For the people that post unattractive pictures of themselves on Facebook.
For the untag button.
I am thankful for acronyms.
For the snooze button on my alarm on my phone.
I am thankful that the girls at my school wear shorts underneath their skirts.
For old photos that remind me not to cut my hair drastically short again.
For jeggings because they are way more comfortable than jeans.
For self-serve butter machines at the AMC theaters.
I am thankful for P!nk songs that perfectly describe my life at a current moment.
For windows that give me something to look at when I'm daydreaming.
For my ability to lie without anyone realizing that I'm lying.
For e's, g's, j's, and y's that make my handwriting look somewhat girly.
For my orange teddy bear who is always there when the rest of the world isn't.
I am thankful for books that turn into movies.
For unbreakable objects that face the wrath of my anger.
For foods that don't require chewing, especially when I'm sick.
For air fresheners that mask the horrible stench of skunk spray.
And for tissues made with lotion.

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