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What if...?

February 10, 2013
By kiwiful BRONZE, Saint Paul, Minnesota
kiwiful BRONZE, Saint Paul, Minnesota
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What if...
What if there was no questioning?
What if there was no say?
What if there was everything but nothing at all?
What if there was something more?
What if there is just a piece misssing?
What if they're just holes?
What if we aren't what we think we are?
What if we aren't what we are said to be?
What if this was just it?
What if everything we were taught was nothing?
What if what was important is unimpotrant and the unimportant, important?
What if everything was just a cycle, back-firing on eachother, with no real importance?
What if there weren't answers, just answers that become more questions?
What if, there were no "what if's"?

The author's comments:
It's just questions that pop up, you know those "what if..." questions with no real answers. But really what if there were no "what if's", people would not be courious, doubtful, interested, etc. What if's give something, a way to look deeper, a kind of deepness to things.

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