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Deep in love

February 21, 2013
By reblep GOLD, Chester, Connecticut
reblep GOLD, Chester, Connecticut
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the sun through my window, warming my skin...

I am me when I’m with you.
I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not.
I laugh and I sing and I dance and I smile,
And nothing else matters.
Holding your hand sends tingles up my arm.
Feeling your breath mix with mine is intoxicating.
Pressing my lips to yours gentle and passionate, hard and eager.
Jumping into your arms, running to you,
Not a care in the world.
I forget everything.
Feeling you and only you.
Your voice gives me goosebumps; the way your hands feel on my skin takes my breath.
My brain circles thinking only of you, and us and how perfect every moment is.
No matter how short, each one is precious, each one is held dear to my love sick heart.
The thought of losing you forms a knot in my throat and brings a tear to my eye.
You are my everything.
You made me feel like I mattered, like my life mattered, like love was real.
My night in shining armor.
We are far from perfect... But together we are invincible, inseparable,
Deep in love.

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