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The Truth of the Universe

March 9, 2013
By DreamAngel BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
DreamAngel BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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"Without my mind and without my dreams, never will I truly be."

Sometimes I wish to swim through space
Wrapping myself in a blanket of nothing
And bathing in the light of the stars

I would wear a dress made of midnight
And intertwine my hair with galaxies
Perhaps then you would ask me to dance

And so we would dance to the hum of the cosmos
I would watch your eyes glow with the dazzling fire of the comets
And we would finally be happy

But in this prison of reality my dress is made of simple fabric
And I come to the saddening realization
That your eyes will never glow for me

The author's comments:
Ah, the angst of young love...

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on Nov. 20 2013 at 7:37 pm
ChrisJ PLATINUM, Rochester, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love.”
- Martin Luther King Jr.

Captivating and thoughtful, with great imagery and a noticeable passion in your writing, great job. Oh, and I also read your profile........I think Evanescence is awesome too.