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Think They Know Me

May 20, 2013
By Stuck_In_Madness BRONZE, Lake Mary, Florida
Stuck_In_Madness BRONZE, Lake Mary, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"You can't reach the top without once starting from the bottom."

Don't misunderstand my emotion
Don't look at me and decide who I am
I haven given you the slightest notion
Of exactly where I stand
I have scars pouring through my lips
Words stained on my tongues tips
I haven't showed the monster inside
Those who've seen are terrified
Because of my decisions
I handled the knife in these incisions
Stereotypical really's and whys
Because I'm throwing back the bottle of lies
A stereotypical sigh or tear
Because I'm popping the pills of fear
Transition into anything but defeat
Not remembered by a repeat
Some have looked at me and spat
Because you think you know, but it's not as simple as that
You think all my life I've been free
But struggle is the definition of ME
Though I know how to keep it together
I've decided to provide
Just have to keep fighting rainy weather
And all those demons inside
I know what I can handle
Can you say the same?
Can you keep the tears from streaming
When a Homie disappears in the flames
Can you walk into that alley and take that bullet
Even when it's a Brother who's gonna pull it
Strength is only necessary
If the baggage is willed to carry
Up on the backs of soldiers
Who don't block feelings, but hold theirs
So don't think you know my side
Or the parts of me that've died
Because I've never judged someone
That I know really tried.

The author's comments:
Yeah. I have a couple of poems on this.
You know my name, not my story.

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