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Summer Is...

May 20, 2013
By Colleen5 BRONZE, Mt Prospect, Illinois
Colleen5 BRONZE, Mt Prospect, Illinois
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Summer begins with the last day of school

Students drowned in the teacher’s monotone

Limp bodies dazed in the wordy heat,

Melted to the desk

Eyes glued to the hands rotating on the clock

Every second like an hour

Summer is the sudden awakening

The final bell swooping through the halls

The first smile of the year on a student’s face

Arms flailing

Eyes bulging

Students spring from their seats

And take their first step into freedom

Summer is the warm air flying through the car window

Music blasting, ears ringing

Eyes like daggers from the car beside you

You speed ahead, avoiding confrontation

Summer is sticky, sweltering heat

A drop of sweat trinkling down your face

Hair dripping with moisture

Legs stuck together

The temperature high enough

To make students swoon

Summer is Independence Day

The Fourth of July

The annual parade you might be too old for

Who am I kidding?

Dodging for the candy

Knocking down grandma and your frisky 4 year old neighbor

Laughter like a contagious cough

Every ounce of food you consume

Adding an inch in your diameter

Sparklers safe for a day

Maybe not that safe

The spark lights your finger

And you sprint inside for cold, immediate, relief

The sky lighting up like magic

Blue, Red, and White like balloons floating in the sky

The night endless

Summer is the first trip to the beach

Sand stuck to every toe

Saving every grain within

The pain you feel with that first step

Quick put a towel down

The burning sensation you seem to forget

Waves crashing on the shore

A white foam left behind

The wide water a distant memory

Brought back with the first glance

Mom said don’t forget

The thick, white, lathery substance

You forgot

The pain on your skin reminds you

Blisters start to form

Mom was right

Summer is that giant yellow ball

Floating in the sky

It brings you warmth


And a love you haven’t felt in months

The common theme it holds within

Everyone is looking at the same exact thing

Bronzes your pasty skin

Followed by freckles

Like chocolate chips splattered on your cheeks

It lightens our hair

And darkens our skin

The sun is a magical thing

Summer is long nights with your friends

Bonfire smoke rising

Along with the morning light

We stay up embracing

For the months will go by fast

And shortly be gone

Summer is enjoying the moment

For soon the limp bodies come back

The sunken eyes

The monotone voice
The endless days

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