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A Nation

September 19, 2013
By Sweet_Tear SILVER, Fort Washington, Pennsylvania
Sweet_Tear SILVER, Fort Washington, Pennsylvania
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A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities- JJR Tolkein

Today we are a nation
Here we stand
As one
We stand through war and peace
We protect each other
We have scars,
Battle wounds
But we survived

Looking back from today
Our purpose is
Not to be perfect
But to protect each other
We are the sum
Of our bravery
Their bravery
The men, the women
Who fought then
Who fight now
For each day
Each second
And without them
We would crumble

They give their sacrifice
The special moments
They miss
Their families waiting
Some return home
But others are gone
And because of them
We can stay free, strong
Our lives continue
With all the special joys
Because of them
We do not back down

Their job is to protect
Our job is to remember
To make the most
Of our freedom
Their sacrifice
Creates our future
This nation is one but many
And many but one

We survive war against others
Near and far
We battle within
Within ourselves
But courage, sacrifice
And dedication
Keep us strong and together
With and against the odds
These people whose names
So many yet so few know
Make up this great nation

Behind our name
Is theirs
They are our bravery
Our courage
Our sacrifice
They are us
And we are them
We grow and live
Together as a nation
Evolving with the years
Ever changing
Strong when others
Find us weak

This is our nation
This is our story
It survives within
Within us all
Carried by the wind
Etched in the land
Spread by the rivers
The United States of America
This is our story
And theirs

The author's comments:
I wrote this originally to be a modern day version of the Gettysburg Address.

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