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Sparks will Ignite

September 20, 2013
By JustAnotherFairy BRONZE, Guayaquil, Other
JustAnotherFairy BRONZE, Guayaquil, Other
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Mistakes pile up
Friends disappear
Witty comebacks get stuck in the back of my throat
Sparks will ignite

There's something boiling inside
I can't tell what
I just know
Sparks will ignite

My vision is blurry
My hands get warm
People laugh around me and
Sparks will ignite

It's impossible to contain
when it crosses the line.
Because everyone knows that if fueled
Sparks will ignite

The author's comments:
Just my thoughts about what happens when sometimes you have all this anger inside, sturggling to break free. And you just know it eventually will.

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