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Untitled Emotions

January 15, 2014
By FearlessWriter SILVER, Rantoul, Illinois
FearlessWriter SILVER, Rantoul, Illinois
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Emotions I can no longer place names upon.
Where single words can't describe
the turmoil underneath
the thin surface layer of calm.
How emotions reach new heights.
Where tears don't always stand for sadness.
Where screams from deep inside
don't always branch from terror.
The point of emotion you can not turn back from.
The place where there is no release,
no vent,
no escape.
At times only single emotions stand clear:
And yes of course, Hate.
At other times,
it's a mix of it all.
A whirlwind of overwhelming-ness.
How can I not understand
what I am feeling?
I'm the one experiencing it, right?
Yet, I don't.
I can't.
I can't comprehend the uncharted territory of my mind,
my heart.
Sometimes tears fall.
At other times,
no tears at all.
But I am always feeling the same thing.
I am always feeling the same thing.
Untitled Emotions.

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