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Restricted language

March 27, 2014
By Anonymous86 SILVER, Amsterdam, Other
Anonymous86 SILVER, Amsterdam, Other
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in the wistful morning shadow

you say how are you/ i say fine

its the expectation

leading to the ultimate appropriation

f*** that person who

started this vicious circle

an unspoken pact between

the entire populous

to never, ever

speak true words

and avoid, always avoid

hard cold facts

the shadow moves

a little as time passes

and our states digress to where

doctors of syntax can’t save us

how are you

fine, she says

emotional turmoil

for the wicked

a never-ending rollercoaster

the buckling of our seatbelts

i will never lose you

but do understand

there’s no point in fine

except your shiny hair

how much i love you

can only be expressed

by telling you

the something in me

a maiden hath no tongue

and i’d like for passion

a mighty embrace of un-fine

not to be like anything else

urging you to keep counting

daisies and buttercups

lifting my head

towards the wall

a no smoking sign

says kill them all

the explicit rhyme bothers me

doctor, help

confirm how un-fine i am

i tear it off the wall

when you lose control

upset that b follows a

and yes, signifier-signified

is a non-sequitur

wait till a wave of calm elevates you to

the synagogue where i learned to pray

where doctors told me

we only move in action

(an object to stir

which is another story)

it’s not your cup of tea

so add a little sugar and stir

is what you could bring on

lift up your head

you mighty fine un-fine

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