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If I Should Have a Daughter

May 1, 2014
By BethZ SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
BethZ SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
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If I had a daughter
I would teach her to listen to music
no one in her school had heard of.
Watch movies
that were criminally under-seen

I would say “ Sweetie,
you know that interesting dream you had last night?
No one cares.”
and “If you don't do your homework,
Come up with a better excuse
that 'the dog ate it'”

I would make sure she understood
?I could make another you in a minute?
but I wouldn't
because I love you
and I know one day,
you'll have a teen of your own.

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on Jul. 7 2014 at 10:09 am
TevyRae PLATINUM, Pittsfield, Pennsylvania
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this is so sweet. It makes you feel that the kind of relationship you want with your daughter isn't just a parent-daughter relationship but a relationship of close friends. It has a great feeling to it. The poem has just the right amount of humor mixed in with just the right amount of serious sweetness.   As far as the layout of the poem goes, however, I would personally have added more grammar. that's the only thing i would have changed about this poem.   amazing job, keep up the good work!

on Jul. 4 2014 at 1:41 pm
TheComet PLATINUM, Mostaganem, Other
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Nice work!!! Outstanding in some way but really good. You were direct and honest and especially kind when you said that you can have an other in a minute but you won't do that cuz you love your daughter lol it was kind of funny but TRUE. thanks for sharing this ^_^ keep writing!