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Benevolent Dictatorship

June 6, 2014
By SSSplatters PLATINUM, Plainview, Minnesota
SSSplatters PLATINUM, Plainview, Minnesota
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"What does not kill you makes you stronger!" or
"Your only limits are the ones you set on yourself" Love doesn't bring happiness, happiness can just happens to be found easier where there is love-- Sam

Teachers are sometimes given a hilt-less blade or times more often a rusty shield. Woe be for thy teachers for even as thou are handed these defected gifts the smith bolts shut the door of his forge.

As you stumble through the dark being gruffly pushed about by my fellow classmates; I hold out a single candle flame to light your path. Hopefully we both make it out of this cave unscathed. For if not I doubt the Benevolent Dictatorship will last a day more.

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